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BB guns or "soft air" guns have got to be one of the most fun "toys" I have come across in the last few years. You can have hours and hours of fun with these things! BB guns are just the coolest. Check out some of the photos below if you don't believe me! 

The first photo below is me with my current favourite BB gun, it's a Walther P99, holds 12 shots and hurts like hell if you get hit at close range! It's fairly accurate if you use the "Powa" bb pellets.

Before you scroll down to look at the rest of the photo's I should point out that you have to be 18 in the UK to buy one, as they are covered by the laws regarding air pistols. AND, although you can have a lot of fun, they should be treated with respect, as a BB shot to the eye is likely to blind you. So get some protective goggles, just in case, having a laugh with your mates is not worth losing your eyesight for!

Well, that's the serious bit done. Having bought a BB gun myself, it wasn't long (a matter of only days in fact) before a few of my mates had one as well, and naturally one night after the pub a small scale BB gun battle erupted in the house...


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  The MP5 mini gun is a machine gun variety of the standard BB gun and fires about 120 shots per minute, although it can be a pig to reload when you're in a rush. Once you are reloaded it also seems to take remarkably little time before you're out off BB's and needing to reload again...

So enjoy it while it lasts, then dive for cover to reload.



This is exactly why Derek was taking cover behind the cushion, whilst Jumbo got a few shots in with his BB gun...



Once Derek had reloaded the MP5 BB machine gun, Jumbo decided he had better get some better cover (and perhaps some protective goggles).



Jules was a bit "miffed" at being caught in the BB cross fire.




She grabbed Derek's BB machine gun and managed to get her revenge whilst Jumbo was reloading his Walther P99 ;)




Although not for long, airsoft pistols can be a lot quicker to get reloaded, especially when there are so many BB pellets lying around. 




We decided it might be a bit safer to shoot at the target for a while. Jules proved herself to be a pretty good shot with a BB gun...




and the Machine gun. Although the MP5 BB machine gun just tended ripped large holes in the target at close range. 

If you fancy trying out a BB gun yourself then check our bb gun catelogue

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